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For Average People That Want To Do Extra Ordinary 

(From Cocaine Kingpin to Broke Cutting Hair In Prison For 3 Cents An Hour to Being Released From Federal Prison With NO Money-NO Job-NO Drivers License and Bad Credit)

What is The Millionaire ExConvict Book?
It is NOT just another "how to" book on the mindset, motivation, inspiration for people. 

It is NOT about getting more money - yet these secrets will help you exponentially get more money and achieve more goals than you've ever experienced before.

It is NOT about just overcoming obstacles - yet these secrets will help you overcome any obstacle or setback from your past or present situation.
The Millionaire ExConvict Book and Rebranding Yourself System is usually only available In My Private 1 on 1 Mentor/Coaching.
Inside the book  you will find my exact mindset blueprint on how I went from cutting hair for 3 cents an hour to creating a multi million dollar empire.  

Inside the "Re-Branding Yourself System" you will have lifetime access to my online program that I've spent the last 25 years learning, I've invested over $100k and spent thousands of hours learning how to build a "BRAND".

You now have access to all of the processes, systems and set up that I used to go from an ExConvict cutting hair in prison for 3 cents an hour to one of the richest beauty professionals in the world. 

Is The Millionaire ExConvict / Millionaire Barber Real?

Introducing The Millionaire ExConvict - The Mindset Playbook To Overcome Your Obstacles and Setbacks....

EBONY Magazine * 2000

Chin speaking at Bishop T.D. Jakes "ManPower" Conference to over 20,000 men! 
Bishop T.D. Jakes Praying for me "That God Would Bless Me Beyond Measure" and ... 
Chin thanks and gives gratitude to his mentors!
Inside of This Book, Here Are A Few of The Secrets That You'll Discover...
  • ​Looking to learn why some people are able to overcome setbacks/failures, while others live a life of being broke and impoverished? Read this manual and you'll discover the difference between a rich mindset and broke mindset...  - pg. 17 Never Give Up
  • You may find yourself in a situation and you will think about giving up and quitting. Trouble don't last always, the storm is just passing over. pg. 31 Keeping the faith and never giving up
  • Growing up by "Dodge City"​was like Gun Smoke, because each night someone was getting killed or there was a gun fight. -pg. 34
  • ​What was it like being The Preacher's Son and growing up in the Church. -pg. 37
  • ​"School Days" Don't follow the crowd, be yourself. Don't be a duck, because ducks are followers. Don't do things just because everyone else is doing it, unless it's the right thing.  -pg. 41 
  • ​Stealing. Small crimes lead to bigger crimes. You will always get caught in the end. -pg. 45
  • Got a child in junior high school? This is a must read chapter for all young ladies. -pg. 48
  • High School Days. Prepare yourself for college or trade school, but do something with your life. -pg. 54
  • "Negative Influences". Negative movies, negative music, negative people and a negative environment all played a part in my life. -pg. 63
  • Life of Crime. From an eight ball to a kilo to taking over the city? -pg. 68
  • Prison was hell. Let me really explain to you what prison was like. -pg. 92
  • Plus: Learn how much money you will need to start your beauty business. -pg. 90
  • ​ What's it like catching a Federal cocaine case? -pg. 102
  • Why was Boot Camp like going to Harvard or Yale? -pg. 125
  • ​How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset? -pg. 146
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